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Racerfin Students are refining stroke and turn techniques while enhancing cardiovascular endurance to develop strength and speed in a 25-meter course. The hour long class has a higher swimmer / instructor ratio. Students beginning in Racerfin must have met all the goals in Superfin or present ability through a free assessment of skills.

Here is what current Racerfin students have to say about the class.

I look forward to having an activity after-school and I LOVEEEE swimming! Olivia 13

The Instructor helps refine my skills, swimming clears my mind and I have fun! Amanda 13

I get to work on my technique and endurance, which helps me stay in shape in between my seasons of swimming. Maria 13

How is this different than a Swim Club?

A lot less kids. Olivia 13

We get to swim all the four strokes vs. the one or two that our club coaches focus on. Maria 13

Instructor Marge was able to fix a problem with my stroke that at club wasn't noticed. Amanda 13

Friday from 6-7 p.m.